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“The sneaker game is changing, so is fashion… What do we end up with? -Hybrids”
The sneaker game is changing, so is fashion… What do we end up with? -Hybrids. When thinking about it, it all makes so much sense to mix sports with fashion. However, passe ideas of sneakers being for sports activity and ordinary shoes for formal occasions has still some kind of outdated place in our culture. You could still get turned down at the door of a nightclub for wearing too sneakerish shoes, or get notified to not wear sneakers at many offices.

Yet, this is not the only reason for the sneaker Hybrid, as fashion could in theory wild out more in colours and extravagance than sportswear. The Hybrid in form of the Adidas Tubular, is subtle in its colourways and have a thankful design to blend into the urban environment and the branded outfits of the urban crowd. This is a sneaker that simply adds comfort to a good style, and this is a point that is not to take forgranted, as looking good over a longer time often could equal uncomfortness..

The widely appreciated arrival of the Adidas Tubular comes as a game-changer in sneaker culture, perhaps this could be a start of a serious attempt of a new genre within sneaker culture? Stay tuned…

Dominic Svensson / Sneaker Advisor

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